Dental Implants

Implants provide a Long-lasting Solution. For those who are missing teeth, implants help restore health and beauty to your smile. Implants are attached to your jawbone unlike dentures or traditional bridges. Dental implants look and feel more like natural teeth.

The candidate best suited for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. Sufficient bone in your jaw is needed to support the implant, and the ideal candidates have healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal diseases.

Some implants can take two to six months for the bone and implant to bond together to form anchors. During this time, you may wear a removable temporary tooth replacement option over the implant site. Other implants can be placed immediately, and our specialists place the implant immediately following tooth extraction and attaches a temporary fixed tooth replacement.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection in the gums and surrounding tissues of the teeth. Treating periodontal problems will prevent tooth mobility and subsequent tooth loss. With prompt treatment, proper home care, and regular dental visits, the majority of patients can keep their teeth for a lifetime.

After evaluating your periodontal health, Dr. Tran will work with you to determine the treatment options that best fit your needs.

If periodontal disease is your problem, treatment can vary depending on how far the disease has progressed. When caught in the early stages, simple procedures are done that will remove the plaque and calculus from below the gum line and interrupt the infectious bacteria. If the disease has advanced to the point where the periodontal pockets are deep and supporting bone is lost, additional treatment could be needed.

Digital Radiography: Efficient and Safer

In an effort to promote office efficiency and patient safety, we've implemented new state-of-the-art imaging techniques. This state-of -the-art technology reduces patient x-ray exposure by 80%. In addition, the digitalized images can be stored and transmitted easier than regular x-ray film. The upgrade also enhances diagnosis, and helps make certain specialized treatment such as implants and root canals more efficient. We are proud to offer digital x-rays in all of our treatment rooms.

Whiter Teeth

Nearly everyone wants to have whiter teeth. While the bright, youthful smiles of models and celebrities may seem unattainable for the rest of us, Dr. Tran offers you effective choices in tooth whitening. For quick, dazzling results, consider having your teeth whitened in our office. In a single hour, we can help you brighten your smile by multiple shades. We also offer a kit for you to do this procedure at home.

Other Services

For a white and healthy smile, we offer a full range of dental services for your individual and family needs. Call our office now for an appointment or to schedule a cosmetic dental exam to find out how easy it is to get the smile you've always wanted.

Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be quick, easy, and pain-free!

If you've been avoiding dental treatment due to dental phobia or high anxiety, now your worries are over. Fear of going to the dentist can cause tooth loss. If your fear of the dentist is keeping you from getting the work you need or want, you could be compromising not only a healthy smile, but your overall health and well-being.

Dr. Tran understands your concerns, and offers a pill that alleviates anxiety, which is taken before your appointment. Most patients find that they are sufficiently relaxed to fall asleep during their treatment. Since oral sedatives do not provide pain relief, an injection of local anesthetic will also be administered. For fearful patients, this option is a miracle. And, it's ideal for those people always on the go who need to have extensive amounts of dentistry done in one visit.

Makeovers with Veneers

Probably the most versatile of cosmetic dentistry procedures, porcelain veneers can fix all sorts of problems. They can be used to cover chips and stains. They can also be used to change the length, shape, or color of your teeth. Our porcelain veneers are custom-made for you. They're thin sheets of natural-looking porcelain that are laid over your teeth to mask problems and create beauty. The smile you've dreamed of can be yours in just two appointments with porcelain veneers.


The latest materials help create dentures that are fully customized for you. Better fit means more comfort and better chewing strength. Our color options mean we can match dentures to your natural tooth color so they will look like your original teeth. With the advances in modern dentistry, fewer people are needing to wear full dentures.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns are a covering to replace the top part of the tooth above the gum line. Crowns are needed when teeth are broken down due to excessive wear, decay, and other tooth damage. Crowns can be used to restore worn and broken teeth, to cover poorly shaped and discolored teeth, to attach a bridge, or even to replace large fillings.

Patients enjoy the function, beauty, and practicality of our new porcelain crowns. Crowns made from strong, durable material last years and appear more natural than previous metal containing crowns. Porcelain crowns also do not have the tell-tale black lines at the gum line that older metal containing crowns had.